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About us

Mitan is a company created by youth entrepreneurs in a very creative and unique way that make a new impact on the business startup and management field and take it to a higher level. The management team invented new methods and techniques in Mitan Company to make it easy to pass all traditional obstacles and challenges facing business startup. With Mitan Company, it becomes possible for the owners of very creative business ideas to make their ideas real in an easy and fast way and to help skilled and talented workers to be business owners.

For those who are struggling in the term of the startup of their business or even do not know how to make it work and cannot find the needed support for it, no need to think about it anymore with Mitan we make it so easy for them. We will provide for them all the needed help to make it work starting from providing all the technique and operational support to develop the idea and,  finding all the needs to get it startup. 

Also, in Mitan Company we believe there are so many talented and very skilled workers in all around the world, who can be a business owner by contributing their great skills with Mitan instead of working for other people to make their dreams true. Therefore, we found a great way for them to invest their time and skills in something that can get them back what they deserve and be the owner of their work.


Our Services

One on One
Building your idea

We will review your idea to develop and set up implantation plan for it. After finalizing the entire project, you will receive the offer of starting your project with all rules and regulations about the Mîtan system and how this will be functioning. 

Become a partner

of a company

Tell us in what you are good, and we will put you in the right company as a partner, by providing all your own information it will help us to find for you the right project to be part of, depending on your skills, experiences and availability. After reciving your information, we will start to look for projects that match your time and skills and you will receive the offers with all the rules and regulations.

Invest In the

right projects

Mîtan provide all accepted and verified projects and to the investors to find the right project and the right entrepreneur to take the project to the maximum profitability.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Ready to start your growth journey?

Thanks for submitting!