Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Easy & Fast and Very Healthy Sugar Cookies (Preparing and designing)

  • You will learn to successfully make GLUTEN FREE SUGAR COOKIES and DECORATE them to give them as gifts in Christmas.

  • You will learn all about it and how to handle them from: baking times, baking temperatures, specialty ingredients, and proper storage.

  • Moreover, all of it can be done in a short time with some simple and easy steps with the available kitchen kits (No professional equipment required)

  • New and easy recipes with clear steps made by professionals in this field.


Learn all of the fundamentals and following details to bake Vegan and Gluten-Free cookie!

This course will help you bake the best cookies and gain confidence to tackle any cookie project.  There is so much information in this course about cookie baking.  You will learn everything in an easy and simple way to prepare it all.

Increase your skills for any purpose:

  • Preparing nice gifts for Christmas

  • Start a business

  • Gain more professional skills

  • Eating healthy and taking care of your health.

There has never been a better time to learn vegan baking!

As preferences and trends change the world over, dairy free and alternative baking has become a necessity for bakers.  In the professional world, adding vegan and Gluten-Free options to the menu is paramount.  People are becoming more conscious of what they are eating and how it affects the world around them, which is why it is important to be able to adapt. 

Are you ready to enroll?

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